Shannon Baskerville, Site Coordinator

22 South Market Street. Suite 15

Frederick, Maryland 21701


To become a volunteer, please call today and sign up for orientation. Click here for the application. In addition, please click HERE for the volunteer opportunities checklist. Please bring both to oreintation.  

November 16th

December 21s

Other Ways To Donate

Frederick United Way Combined Charities Campaign # 0730

Including: Frederick City Govt, Frederick County Govt. and Frederick Public Schools

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Linda Dennis (left) and Shannon Baskerville (right)


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Volunteer Today!

Ride Partners

  • Volunteer drivers provide neighborly transportation, conversation, and friendship to members.

  • Volunteer drivers are automatic members, and will earn time credited for supporting our program.  

  • Through our time exchange services, you will receive assistance from the Partners in Care community when needed.   

Ways to give back

  • Partners In Care members not only have access to transportation, they also contribute to our network of community support.

  • As a Partners In Care rider, you would give back to the program by donating your own time and talent to the program.

  • Members give back in the following ways:

  • Friendly phone calls

  • Boutique donations

  • Cash donations

  • Fundraising and event participation

  • Outreach and advocacy for members

  • Office tasks, supporting program operations